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Living with a roommate not only lowers housing costs, but it is also a great opportunity to form lasting relationships. While it can be challenging at times, living with a roommate can be a rewarding experience. Check out the resources below to help you find roommates and prepare for a successful roommate experience.

Roommates and Boston Zoning Code

It is a violation of the Boston Zoning Code for five or more full-time undergraduate college students to share an apartment in Boston.
For more information, please see these resources:

Finding a Roommate

If you are new to UMass Boston or the Boston area, there is a chance you will be looking for potential roommates.  The Office of Student Housing can help you find roommates through our Roommate Matching Program, which if offered prior to the start of each semester.

The Roommate Matching Program for Fall 2015 is currently open.  Please see below for instructions. You can also check our Facebook Page for more information.  Students should follow the steps below to set up your account and connect with potential roommates:

1) Request a Key Code to gain access to the matching program 

Incoming freshman and transfer students can request a key code only AFTER you have submitted a new student deposit. Our Roommate Matching Program is available to students prior to the beginning of each semester.

2) Login to the Roommate Matching Program website

  • It may take up to two business days for you to receive your key code

3) Create your roommate profile

4) Connect with your roommate matches

5) Decide on roommates

  • You are NOT required to find roommates through the matching program. You may room with fellow students or other friends that you meet elsewhere as well.

6) Create and sign a Roommate Agreement 

Roommate Agreements

Roommate conflicts are not uncommon. A Roommate Agreement is a document created by roommates containing the expectations and responsibilities that all roommates agree upon and sign. This document can help set expectations early, prevent problems later, and be useful when mediating conflict. See a Roommate Agreement here:

Renting an apartment and living with roommates often means negotiating with your roommates on what is fair for the cost of rent per room, how to host guests fairly, and keeping track of money owed for utilities and other household items. is an excellent resource for determining what is fair. We recommend you check out the “Fairness Calculators”!

Roommate Mediation

If you have tried to solve the problem on your own and have been unsuccessful, you can set up a roommate mediation session with the Office of Student Housing. We will schedule a time when you and your roommates can some in and discuss the problem. You can set up a roommate mediation meeting by sending an email to our office at Please include a brief description of the problem as well as times you and your roommates are available to come in to discuss your situation.

Office of Student Housing

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