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Advertise an Apartment

Local real estate agents or landlords can create a listing to be added to the online Off Campus Housing Gateway.  Once posted, you will be able to post, modify, or remove your rental information.

If you have technical difficulty creating your listing, please contact Customer Service.

If you forget your password and username, or have other questions regarding renting to UMass Boston students, please contact the Office of Student Housing.

Renting to Students

Renting to college students may present some challenging situations for landlords: they may be new to independent living, get up late and stay up late, and they may not define loud noise in the same way as their neighbors do. Also, be aware that it is a violation of the Boston Zoning Code for five or more full-time undergraduate college students to share an apartment in Boston. UMass Boston values its relationship with the Boston area community. If you have a concern about the behavior of our students or an issue occurring in the community, please email the Office of Student Housing.

The following resources are useful tools to help manage student rentals and ensure that you uphold your obligations as a property owner:

*Students should review and sign off on an Apartment Condition Report at the start of a lease to avoid conflict over damages

Bed Bugs