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Beacon Beginnings: Family Orientation

Beacon Beginnings: Family Orientation is available for the family members of our new first-year freshman students. This is a one-day program that coincides with the first day of the Freshman program and it is intended to help facilitate your student’s transition to UMass Boston.

The family program has been designed with sessions that will describe many of the opportunities and challenges new students face when they begin their college experience and examples of how their families can support them. Information sessions will cover topics such as:

All programs will provide plenty of opportunities to have all of your questions and concerns addressed before you leave campus.

Please join us for this program by signing up when your student selects an orientation date.

A Time of Transition

College is a period of transition not only for your child but for you and the other members of your family. During this time of transition your son or daughter (student) will still continue to need your support. Parents and caregivers can help by being supportive and trusting, and encouraging independence.  

Be sure to sign up for your monthly Parent's Perspective, the companion issue to Student Health 101 which your student will receive each month. Check out the "See Also" section of this web page for additional resources, tips and advice about how to support your student during this very important time. 

Office for New Student Programs

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Parent Perspective

As a service to our families  we provide an online subscription to Student Health 101 for you and your student. Check out the Orientation Issue now, and register to be sure that you receive each monthly issue.