Communication to UMass Boston Students

Campus–wide Communications

Information about issues that impact the campus community, such as construction updates, changes to parking transportation or dining hours, etc. will be sent to all students as they arise. Please check "News, Events and Media" for current campus events and updates.

Additionally, official announcements from executive leadership team offices, applications for programs, service announcements, emergency related issues/information, and information about resources may be sent out to students by Student Affairs.  One-time, campus-wide special events, may be exempt from the aforementoined categories. To request such an email, please download this form and submit it to and  

Emergency Notification

In the event that a situation arises, either on or off campus, that the UMass Boston chief of police (or his designee) deems to be an ongoing or continuing threat to the campus community, a campus-wide timely warning will be issued after consultation with the vice chancellor for student affairs and the vice chancellor of administration and finance. The warning will be issued to all students, faculty, and staff via the UMass Boston email system. If there is confirmed, imminent danger, the UMass Boston Emergency Notification System (ENS) will be used to provide notice by voice and text messaging to office and cell phones. To sign up for the UMass Boston Alert system, visit

Recruitment of Subjects for Research Projects

Recruitment of participants for research projects through student email must be approved in advance by the Institutional Review Board. Please submit the following request form with copy of IRB approval. Requests may include up to three distribution dates and should identify the most appropriate distribution list for the study. Messages will be sent from