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Recruitment for Research Projects Request Email

Recruitment of participants for research projects through student email must be approved in advance by the Institutional Review Board.  A copy of the IRB approval must be submitted along with a completed request form to Yvette Terry in the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, by email at or by fax to 617.287.5811.  Requests may include up to 3 distribution dates and should identify the most appropriate distribution list for the study.  Messages will be sent from  Students will be given the choice to opt out of participation on this listserve. 

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Requested Date(s) of Distribution (Requests need to be submitted at least three days prior to the date needed)

Please keep in mind that if your email blast must be sent to a specific target student population because of the nature of your research, it may take up to a week to customize the email list and process the request.

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