Off-campus Work Study

The Off-campus Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program at the University of Massachusetts Boston is focused on providing opportunities for students to work in community service positions in the local Boston area. In order to provide students with solid work opportunities, the following goals have been established.

Employers participating in the off-campus FWS Program at UMass Boston:

Off-campus FWS positions are limited to community service opportunities with local, nonprofit agencies already under contract with SES. If you are interested in working at an agency that does not appear in our position listings, the agency should contact SES for detailed information describing the program. Please be aware that the process for contracting with an off-campus agency can take a month or more, and not all agencies are approved. Do not begin working at any agency until the position has been approved and all necessary paperwork has been filed with our office, as you will not be paid for that time.

Off-campus Federal Work-Study Limitations

In accordance with the requirements of the federal programs, work to be performed under off-campus Federal Work-Study agreements are encouraged to relate to the student's academic or vocational goals.  However the work performed must be in the public interest, and:

  1. must be governed by employment conditions, including pay, that are reasonable according to the type of work performed, the geographic region, the employee's proficiency, and any applicable federal, state, or local law; and
  2. must not displace employees or impair existing service contracts (replacement is interpreted as displacement); and
  3. must not involve constructing, operating, or maintaining any part of a building used for religious worship or sectarian instruction; and
  4. must not solicit, accept, or permit soliciting any fee, commission, contribution, or gift as a condition of the student's FWS employment (union dues excluded if paid by all employees).

Further, no work shall be considered in the public interest where:

  1. it primarily benefits the members of an organization that has membership limits;
  2. it involves any partisan or nonpartisan political activity or is associated with a faction in an election for public or party office;
  3. it is work for an elected official unless the official is responsible for the regular administration of federal, state, or local government;
  4. it is work as a political aide for any elected official;
  5. a student's political support or party affiliation is taken into account in hiring him or her;
  6. or it involves lobbying on a federal, state, or local level.

Federal work-study community access program agency fact sheet