Life on Campus

Our Philosophy

Interfaith Campus Ministry at UMass Boston is here to serve the community by offering spiritual guidance and pastoral care to students, faculty and staff. The primary aim of our campus ministry is to help students develop intellectual understanding of their faith, and deepen their self-knowledge and strengthen their relationship with themselves, with God, and with others. In this, our aim is to help students cultivate an integration of their personhood, which is an essential quality of emotional, psychological and spiritual well-being, as well as success in their studies. We encourage people to be faithful to their own heritage of faith and to develop and deepen their faith journey by exploring, welcoming, and appreciating diversity.

Our Campus Ministry is enriched and supported by the other members of the Interfaith Community. Come join in the activities, visit the Interfaith Chapel - Sacred Space  for quiet time of prayer and meditation, share in good laughter, or just to rest for a few minutes in silence.

Our Symbol

Following the tragedy of the four plane crashes on 9/11/01, the community of UMass Boston gathered to mourn and plan how we would memorialize those who perished in the crashes and the collapsed towers. We also gathered to decide how we would promote what every human being desires most – a peaceful world and community. We adopted the dove of peace as the symbol that would reflect our daily ambition – to be the peace we seek, as a sign of hope and as a reminder of our personal responsibility in reaching the goals of peace and mutual respect.

Campus Ministry

McCormack Hall 3rd Floor Ryan Lounge
617-287-5838 (telephone)
617-287-5839 (fax)

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