About Us

Leadership is an increasingly important skill needed to be successful in today’s global society. We offers several opportunities to develop and refine your leadership efficacy while making you a strong advocate for community and urban social issues. All of our programs promote and educate you on the importance of interpersonal competence, humanitarianism, and inclusion. Ultimately, students learn how to create positive change that is in response to the needs of the urban areas of Boston and beyond.

The LEAD Experience

Leadership, Engagement, Action, Development is a unique, cutting edge, student engagement structure that allows student to chart an individualized course through the journey of leadership development.  The overarching framework behind the experience is the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Astin & Astin, 1996). Its purpose is to shape the concept of leadership as an inclusive process by which change is effected for the betterment of others. It is a value-based model of leadership development that revolves around a core of service as the vehicle for social change. In this leadership model, development occurs within three domains: Individual, Group, and Society. 

In our program we take students through 3 stages:

DISCOVER the Leader Within
This stage begins the leadership development process by providing students with their first opportunity to learn about leadership concepts and skills. Students will discover their leadership identity as well as gain a greater understanding of teams and group dynamics.

INVOLVE Yourself in the Community
During this stage, the focus is on the development and application of student leadership skills in the campus, local, national, and international communities. More advanced skill development opportunities are available and greater hands-on exploration of leadership theories will occur.

RESPOND as a Citizen This stage of the program provides students with opportunities to reflect on UMass Boston leadership experiences, build a UMass Boston leadership legacy, and prepare to lead beyond campus. Student will have a clear vision that will guide them through future experiences.

Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement

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