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Since its founding, the University of Massachusetts Boston has been dedicated to partnering with our neighbors in this urban multicultural community. There are many ways that the University and neighboring organizations have been working together through community engagement. The Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement helps facilitate community engagement, recruit student volunteers and inform students of volunteer opportunities available at community organizations.

What is Community Engagement?

Community engagement is a practice where students work to serve needs identified by a community as an integrated component of a specific academic course. Students commit to community service and participate in critical reflective thinking and cultivating a sense of civic responsibility. Community engagement stresses a reciprocal relationship as students, faculty and other community members are engaged in learning from each other.

Some of the positive outcomes of community engagement can include:

How can you initiate a collaboration or project with the Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement?

Our office encourages organizations and individuals to inform us of community engagement opportunities for our students.

If you are interested in developing a university-wide partnership, go to the Office of Community Partnerships site.

Office of Student Leadership and Community Engagement

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