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Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston

CKUMB Core Programs

Food Recovery: CKUMB, part of the Campus Kitchens Project, a national nonprofit organization, partners with on-campus dining and local resources to rescue unserved, usable food, reducing waste for donors and food costs for meal recipients

Hunger Relief: Our hunger relief program has three essential components:

  • Meal Delivery: Volunteers use donated food and an on-campus kitchen to prepare meals that are delivered to the community.
  • Food Security Initiatives: Volunteers engage underserved youth and elders in nutrition education, cooking classes and hands-on gardening to broaden their understanding of healthy eating on a tight budget. 
  • Senior/SNAP Outreach: Volunteers assist senior clients to apply for SNAP benefits and to access other food assistance. 

CKUMB Leadership Team

Leadership Team Objectives:

  • Provide leadership opportunities
  • Have a role in operational activities, as well as in the growth and continuation of the Campus Kitchen programming
  • Learn the basics of non-profit management and organizational structure
  • Play a valuable role in the Boston and UMass communities 


Expectations for Leadership Team Members:

  • Serve as a shift leader: Lead or co-lead a regular shift once a week
  • Attend Leadership Team meetings: One meeting every other week
  • Commit to 1 year: Leadership Team members are asked to serve for at least 1 academic year (2 consecutive semesters); positions may be renewed

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Campus Kitchen at UMass Boston

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