Labor Resource Center

at the University of Massachusetts Boston

About Us

Advancing the interests of workers and their organizations through education and research

The Labor Resource Center (LRC) is an undergraduate education and research center located within the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Massachusetts Boston. The center's work is carried out through three programs:

The LRC has a long and distinguished history of contributions to the labor movement and the university. In 2010, we graduated our 150th student from our labor studies bachelor's degree program. From nationally renowned contributions to labor history to the regional impact of the "Labor at the Crossroads" series in the 1990's to action research for policy change on the issues of working families and economic development, the LRC has been on the frontlines for almost 30 years.

Our Mission

The mission of the Labor Resource Center is to advance the interests of workers and their organizations through education and research. Our work centers on the belief that the labor movement, representing both organized and unorganized workers, is an essential force for economic and social justice. Through our education and training programs, grounded in the proven principles of popular and participatory adult education, workers enhance their skills and knowledge as leaders, activists and citizens. We are committed to providing pathways from skills training through baccalaureate education for current and future leaders in the labor movement. Our research program disseminates knowledge on work and unions to the Massachusetts labor community and convenes labor organizations and the university community to foster dialogue and enduring partnerships for social change. We aim to provide the LRC with a solid foundation that will better serve our two constituencies, the labor movement and public higher education in Massachusetts. We seek to have active, stable and flexible relationships with community and campus partners across all our programs.

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