Academic Calendar

Fall Semester 2016

September 5    (Monday)
Labor Day (Holiday)

September 6    (Tuesday)
Semester Begins

September 13    (Tuesday)
Add/drop period ends (except for College of Advancing and Professional Studies)

October 10    (Monday)
Columbus Day (Holiday)

November 7    (Monday)
Spring/Winter 17 Registration Begins

November 11    (Friday)
Veterans Day (Holiday)

November 23    (Wednesday)
Pass/Fail Withdrawal deadline

November 24 to November 27    (Thursday to Sunday)
Thanksgiving Recess

November 28    (Monday)
Classes Resume

December 14    (Wednesday)
Semester Ends

December 15    (Thursday)
Study Period

December 16 to December 22    (Friday to Thursday)
Final Exam Period

December 23    (Friday)
Emergency Snow Day

Class meetings: M(13) Tu(15) W(15) Th(13) F(12)

Winter Semester 2017*

January 3    (Tuesday)
Semester Begins

January 16    (Monday)
Martin Luther King Day (Holiday)

January 20    (Friday)
Semester Ends

January 21    (Saturday)
Emergency Snow Day

(*classes run Monday-Friday except on holidays; Saturdays used as snow days if needed)

Spring Semester 2017

January 23    (Monday)
Classes Begin

January 30    (Monday)
Add/drop period ends (except for College of Advancing and Professional Studies - CAPS)

February 6    (Monday)
CAPS 100% refund drop deadline

February 13    (Monday)
CAPS 50% refund drop deadline

February 20    (Monday)
Presidents Day (Holiday)

March 12 to March 19    (Sunday to Sunday)
Spring Vacation

March 20    (Monday)
Classes Resume

April 3    (Monday)
Summer/Fall 17 Registration Begins

April 17    (Monday)
Patriots Day (Holiday)

April 20    (Thursday)
Course pass/fail/withdrawal deadline

May 10    (Wednesday)
Classes End

May 11 to May 12    (Thursday to Friday)
Study Period

May 13 to May 19    (Saturday to Friday)
Final Exam Period

May 25    (Thursday)
Graduate Commencement

May 26    (Friday)
Undergraduate Commencement

May 26    (Friday)
Deadline for submitting spring 2017 grades

May 29    (Monday)
Memorial Day (Holiday)

Class meetings: M(13) Tu(15) W(15) Th(14) F(14)