Boston State College Graduates Gather for Fourth Annual Celebration

December 10, 2010

Crystal Bozek


More than 140 Boston State College graduates recently gathered at UMass Boston for the Fourth Annual Boston Stage College Celebration and Education for Service Awards reception.

Patricia Cronin ’59, who received a 2009 Education for Service Award, served as Mistress of Ceremonies. The event, held on December 2, was co-hosted by UMass Boston Chancellor J. Keith Motley and the Boston State College Steering Committee.

"Every year when we gather, there is a tremendous feeling of warmth and pride among the Boston State alumni, faculty, and staff," Chancellor Motley told the audience. "Just as the college had a tremendous impact on your lives, its legacy also continues here at the University of Massachusetts Boston."

Chancellor Motley said Boston State's legacy can be seen in the current College of Nursing and Health Sciences - ranked in the top 11 percent in the nation by U.S. News & World Report - in the many publicly funded grant programs that support the university's academic programs and student support services, and in the College of Education and Human Development, among others.

"The core values that defined Boston State - excellence in teaching, a commitment to educating a non-traditional student population, and active engagement with the community- live on today at UMass Boston. These values find expression in the college's legacy that we celebrate this evening," he said.

Boston State College merged with UMass Boston in 1982.

For photos from the event, click here. To watch video from the event, visit the UMass Boston YouTube site.

Recipients of the Education for Service Awards embody the college's "Education for Service" motto. This year's winners are:

Steven Leonard ’80

A lifelong resident of Boston, Dr. Steven Leonard is a success-oriented educator with a passion for making the most of all that he encounters. Dr. Leonard, currently the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction in the Taunton Public Schools, is committed to developing and implementing resources to overcome obstacles that too frequently subvert the daily work of urban schools, particularly in Boston. Honored for his leadership in turning around schools in crisis, Dr. Leonard has shared his expertise and experi­ence to the benefit of many institutions, including the Jeremiah E. Burke High School in Dorchester. Dr. Leonard is married and has four children.

Joyce Murphy ’74

Throughout her life, Joyce Murphy’s commitment to and impact on the commonwealth has been unprecedented. Honored in the health care field for her “outstanding efforts on behalf of her hospital, her passion­ate commitment to her institution’s mission and the impact of her work on the health care community,” Joyce has had the opportunity to provide leadership and direction to numerous facilities in the greater Boston area. Most notably, Ms. Murphy created the vision, business plan, and finan­cial viability to establish St. Mary’s Women and Children’s Center, which continues to provide services to homeless and low-income women and children in Boston. Currently, Ms. Murphy serves as COO and vice chancel­lor at UMass’s own Commonwealth Medicine, where she is instrumental in identifying growth opportunities for new program development.

George Talbot ’68

Dr. George Talbot has dedicated his life to serving our country at home and beyond. Over the years he has held various roles in the community, ranging from city manager to professor to medical doctor. After joining the United States Army Reserve as a physician, Dr. Talbot was deployed and functioned as a brigade surgeon in Afghanistan and battalion surgeon in Iraq. Currently, Dr. Talbot serves the community of Goldsboro, NC, as a physician and is a major in the North Carolina Army Reserve National Guard.