More Than 500 Students, Alumni Look for Jobs at Career Expo 2011

March 31, 2011

Office of Communications


Sometimes it seems as if everywhere you turn, there’s a negative story about the job market.

But UMass Boston students Malia Justice and Alexander Becerra are proving job opportunities are out there.

UMass Boston offered students like Justice and Becerra a chance to meet one-on-one with potential employers today at Career Expo 2011, where more than 50 companies set up stations in the Campus Center.

Saré Arnold, talent acquisition manager for Enterprise Rent-a-Car and one of the employers represented at Career Expo 2011, said her company targets UMass Boston students.

“The UMass Boston students are very outgoing and they know what they want. I think because it’s a bigger university as opposed to a small college they’re leaders in that they can navigate the school and make the most of it, so we love UMass Boston students,” Arnold said.

Arnold said Enterprise has hired many UMass Boston students in the past.

Justice, a senior sociology major in the College of Liberal Arts, met with about a half-dozen employers during the expo.

“I was able to hand out about six resumes and I was actually able to get a request for a job interview for next week,” Justice said.

Becerra, a junior accounting major in the College of Management, said something he didn’t expect may come out of his meeting with a representative from Boston Pads, a company that specializes in all aspects of Boston real estate.

“I had the intention of talking to them about real estate and then when I told them I was an accountant, they were like, ‘Oh. You seem like you’d be qualified for this [accounting job].’ So I was like, ‘Hey, why not? Here’s my resume.’”

As for those discouraged by their job search, Justice offers this: “The Department of Labor and Human Services representative told me to just keep applying, just put it out there, stay confident, and cast a wide net, and just be patient. By going to these kind of events you can gain more confidence and learn ways to hone how you can market yourself, what’s really out there, what people are looking for.”

Career Expo 2011 was organized by UMass Boston's Office of Career Services and Internships.