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Storm Center

snowfarm at UMass Boston. Photo by Diane D'Arrigo.

The University of Massachusetts Boston has set up a Winter Storm Center to ensure any concerns you may have about the operations of the university during extreme weather conditions are addressed. Email with any concerns, comments, or feedback. Your emails will be reviewed and addressed in a timely manner, and senior university administrators will be made aware of problems so they can move quickly to address them.

Our goal is to assist you in making the commute to campus as smooth as possible. Below are some links to the MBTA schedules, UMass Boston Health Services, and more tools to help with any winter struggles.

Useful Links & Resources

Questions and Answers

Q: Who should I contact with UMass Shuttle concerns? Who should I call with parking issues?

A: Office of Transportation Services - 617.287.5040. Shuttle riders can download UMass Boston's mobile app. For more information, please go to 

Q: What if I have MBTA questions and concerns?

A: MBTA travel info, schedule, comments or complaints - 800.392.6100. For more information, please visit MBTA Customer Support 

Q: What if I see or experience unsafe conditions on campus such as icy roads, unplowed sidewalks?.

A: Campus Police (Public Safety Office) - 617.287.7799

Suggestion Box

Email with any suggestions or questions.