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MOPC builds capacity for conflict resolution, collaboration and consensus-building within public entities and across sectors state-wide and serves as a neutral forum and state-level resource in these fields. MOPC works with government agencies, courts, businesses, nonprofits, and citizen groups to address complex issues related to economic development, environmental resource management, land use, agriculture, transportation, housing, health care, and other important community objectives.

MOPC's work results in cost savings for the state and its citizens through reduced litigation and settlement expenses and enhanced capacity for effective problem-solving and civic engagement on major public initiatives in the commonwealth.


For more than twenty-five years MOPC has assisted state and local government agencies and their stakeholders and constituencies on a variety of projects and initiatives.


Capacity-Building and Training, Conflict Assessment, Consensus-Building, Deliberative Dialogue, Mediation, Monitoring and Evaluation, Role of a Neutral Forum, Systems Design


As a free-standing institute at the University of Massachusetts Boston, MOPC is committed to improving the quality of its collaborative governance, dispute resolution and deliberative democracy processes by expanding and deepening scholarship in these fields.

Massachusetts Office of Public Collaboration

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