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Facilities Rental


General Information

The resident staff at the Nantucket Field Station maintain laboratory facilities, field equipment, and classroom facilities for year-round use. Activities include research and education use by groups and investigators from a number of Northeast regional institutions in addition to UMass Boston, undergraduate summer courses, year-round interdisciplinary seminars and field trips, and use by numerous local community and governmental groups. Student, faculty, and researcher housing is provided with bunkhouse style housing available at 180 Polpis Road at the main field house. 


To Make Reservations

Please fill in a request form and submit to the field station office, if you are interested in using the Field Station facilities.



Reservations are confirmed once approval is granted based on the description of intent as well as availability of space and scheduling information. Priority in booking will be placed on University courses, research and activity, but other educational outreach, scholarly activities, conferences, events, retreats and orientations are all supported and promoted by the field station. All interested parties are encouraged to inquire.

To arrange or payment for housing for lodging at the field station bunkhouse (15 at the field station in dorm style bunks) or for other possible options, please contact Yvonne Vaillancourt at 508-228-5268 or send an email to Priority is given to UMass Boston classes, students and researchers with housing available to UMass system users, other colleges, state agencies, and educational and research groups. We do not house ecotourists or members of the public not directly affiliated with an education, research, or outreach mission. UMass rates and outside system rates are $30/$60 per person (UMass rate/External rate) per night at the field station bunkhouse. We book many months in advance. Please note that these changes reflect the 2022 price increase. 


To request housing please fill in the electronic request form.


After you have made arrangements with the field station staff for housing and after completing your stay, please send your check payment payable to UMass Boston together with a copy of the invoice, directly to:


Yvonne Vaillancourt c/o Alan Abend

School for the Environment

100 Morrissey Blvd.

Boston, MA 02125


Groups that cancel their reservations less than 10 days before arrival for any reason other than the inability to get to Nantucket due to adverse weather will be subject to a $100 cancelation fee. If you have any questions about this form, or the method of payment, please contact the Scheduling Office at 508.228.5268 or email:


The Field Station is one of the many wonderful properties of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and is open to the public 365 days a year. Take a virtual tour of the Nature Trail to find out what you'll see on your visit.