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The resident staff at the Nantucket Field Station maintains laboratory facilities, field equipment, and classroom facilities for year-round use. Activities include research and education use by groups and investigators from a number of Northeast regional institutions in addition to UMass Boston, undergraduate summer courses, year-round interdisciplinary seminars and field trips, and use by numerous local community and governmental groups. Student, faculty, and researcher housing is provided at Gouin Village housing (20 Vesper Lane), located close to the center of Nantucket. Gouin Village contains five 2-bedroom apartments capable of accommodating 26 people. Bunkhouse style housing is also available at 180 Polpis Road at the main field house.

If you are interested in using the Field Station facilities (for education, research, or community service), contact the field station office to check for availability of space and scheduling information.

The Field Station is one of the many wonderful properties of the Nantucket Conservation Foundation and is open to the public 365 days a year during daylight hours. Take a virtual tour of the Nature Trail to find out what you'll see on your visit.

Nantucket Field Station dormitory