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Group Visits


UMass Boston Nantucket Field Station Day Use Guidelines


As a teaching and research organization with 48 years of experience in the Nantucket environment, we welcome the opportunity to share ideas with you about interesting and appropriate ways to use the station for environmental education. To preserve our habitats for teaching and research, and to insure a quality experience for our visitors, students, and investigators, we ask you to observe the following guidelines:


  • Email or call our office at 508.228.5268 three weeks in advance to request your group visit.
  • Field trips are limited to 25 people total per visit.
  • Sponsoring organizations are responsible for making sure trip participants observe posted Field Station Guidelines
  • Groups of 4 or more must sign in at the sign in box attached to the lab using the large group sign-in sheets. People using field station grounds in groups of 1-4 people should sign in using the daily sign in sheet (left side of sign-in box).
  • Visitor parking can be found on the right about halfway down the drive. The second lot is reserved for official field station laboratory users and is across from the lab, which is the first building on your right as you enter the property. Only authorized vehicles are allowed beyond this point, except for those with handicapped access or preapproval by the station director.
  • The field station trails are open to the public, buildings and equipment are not. Please respect the privacy and work-in-progress of our resident students and researchers. Do not touch or disturb experimental apparatus.
  • The field station is home to many species of island flora and fauna. Please tread lightly and try to observe birds and animals without disturbing them.
  • It is permissible to pick up shells or rocks from the beach as long as they are not providing a home for an organism. Please leave all living organisms and plants where they are, unless you are doing a research collection and have the proper permits.
  • To preserve fragile vegetation, please do not walk on the dune or salt marsh.
  • For your safety and to limit erosion, do not climb the bluff or stand on its edge.
  • For their safety, please keep children under close supervision, and away from the bluff.
  • Flags, marking tape, buckets, plastic hoses, and other objects around the Field Station are in use for on-going experiments. Please do not disturb.
  • The field station has no public restrooms.
  • Please carry out all objects which you carry in.
  • Dogs are allowed at the field station; many do visit, please pick up after your pet. A pooper-scooper box is provided by the sign in board.
  • Maps of the trails are available at the sign in location and at the large kiosk.