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Preparing for your stay


Staying at Nantucket Field Station and Instructor Lodging


Top Ten Things to Know



All waste must be sorted into one of four categories; offenders will be charged a fee! Lack of adherence to the recycling protocol will be grounds for denial of future reservations. Rinse material to be recycled, sort returnables, all other can be mixed into the designated containers lined with CLEAR plastic bags:


I. MA Returnable Cans and Bottles & plastic bags


II. Recyclable items Hard plastic (bottles, cups, lids, containers, etc.), Aluminum and metal (cans, Snapple lids, clean aluminum foil, etc.) Glass containers (not broken glass)


III. Non-compostable & non-recyclable trash (bulk trash-soft plastic film, Styrofoam, and cardboard) can be mixed together but must be disposed of in CLEAR, translucent, plastic bags. IV. Compostable Trash is defined as paper and food. 


2. Only UMass staff and faculty are allowed to drive state vehicles and/or boats.


3. What is outside, stays out (bikes for example) and what is inside, stays in (furniture for example).


4. Poison Ivy is abundant- Leaves of 3 leave them be! Identifiable by three glossy leaves, typically found as short plants, here they can grow to be several feet tall or vine like. Leaves are shiny red in late summer and fall. If you contact poison ivy wash area of concern immediately. Technu is a product that helps remove poison ivy oils from your skin, and exists at the station. Ivy Block is also available in the lab, use prior to contact to reduce itching. To avoid contact, closed toe shoes should be worn.


5. Small deer ticks are abundant and carry Lyme disease, babesiosis, ehrlichiosis and others. Use repellent, stay in mowed areas, avoid tall grass, or wear longs pants tucked into your socks. Check yourself every day for ticks and know the signs of a bite to be concerned about: large rash/bulls-eye shaped rash or reddened area. Report any major fatigue or flu like symptoms to field station staff.


6. Quiet hours on island (including loud talking outside) are from 10:00 pm to 7:30 am. Respect those hours at all Nantucket locations.


7. Be considerate of other field station users, respectful of the property and make yourself aware of resources and requirements: Read through all the information posted and in the booklets provided in each unit. Familiarize yourself with evacuation and fire safety information.


8. Follow UMass house rules: no alcohol or tobacco product use in the buildings, leave housing neat and clean, remove food and trash upon departure; clear out refrigerators and pantries, communicate known issues to staff. Clean grills and dispose of charcoal after use in a paper bag in the trash. Groups that do not clean or do not dispose of their food or recyclables will be charged a damage or improper use fee.


9. Only in an emergency call the director (508-228-5268), do not approach or knock on the residence door for anything other than an emergency. Instructors can reach the director via email or phone. Students should go through their instructors with requests or maintenance issue.


10. NO overnight guests are allowed. Service dogs are welcome; pets are not allowed in either the condos or the field station dorm. Any exception requires written permission from the director, prior to your arrival. Only faculty actively teaching a summer class are allowed to have family stay with them


Nantucket Field Station

180 Polpis Road
Nantucket, MA 02554 USA
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