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Student Research

For almost 50 years, student researchers have conducted short term projects as part of their coastal Ecology and Marine Ecology summer courses. Many of these students have gone on to careers in biology, environmental science. medicine, and teaching.


Their papers are being digitalized by volunteers at the NFS and are available upon request. Below we list some of the topics covered and papers written.




1995- 2001


"The Diversity of the Micro Community Associated with the Alga Codium fragile in Relation to Depth in Nantucket Harbor: Janipher and the Green Fleece"
Janipher Chan


"The Lichen Community of Juniper Trees in Relation to Maritime Climatic Conditions: Surviving a Real Blast"
Helen Vassiliev


"The Cultured Mold on Nantucket Island: The Fungus Among Us"
Lidia Faverman


"Scalar Distribution of Body Sizes in Arthropods and Plants: "The Different Size Bodies I Found on Nantucket"
John Hilgeman


"Lyme Disease on Nantucket: Ticked off on Nantucket"
Micah Benson


"A Comparison of Quantification Techniques of Varroa jacobsoni: The Mite of the Bee"
Sheree Beane




"Nantucket Osprey Prey: A Short Look into Prey Remains at Two Nesting Poles: ACK Sushi - Osprey Style"
Andrew McElwain


"Site Fidelity of Gray Catbirds (Dumetella carolinensis): Bird Banding through MAPS (Monitoring Avian Productivity and Survivorship) with Edith Andrews: Three strikes, You're Out"
Michele d'Hemecourt


"Nantucket Mosquitoes - Traps, Baits and Species: Do you know who is eating you?"
Leandro Passos


"Small Mammal Populations in Maintained Heathland, Small Mammal Tax Brackets: Where does Nantucket's population lie?"
Melissa Moles


"Plankton of Nantucket's Diverse Waters:Small snacks"
Lisa McNamara


"Marine Biodiversity of the Gulf of Maine a program outline: Waves of Knowledge"
Amy Cline


"Bioluminescent bacteria (Photobacterium and Vibrio spp.) in Nantucket's seawater? Gotta light?"
Nuno Gonsalves


"Red bacterial symbionts of the native squid, Loligo pealei: Gentlemen prefer redheads?"
Hilda Norris


"A Soil Analysis of Burned and Natural Heathlands: To Burn or Not To Burn? How best to preserve Nantucket's Heathlands is the Question"
Sarah Colby


"A Census of Uca pugilator of Folger's Salt Marsh: Where the Fiddlers Roam"
Leah Butkiewicz


"Reactions to Light Intensity and Study of Motor Skills of Asterias forbesii: Subtle seastar secrets"
Efstathia Kitsou


"Surface and diving behavior of double-crested cormorants (Phalocrocorax auritus): Ducking for Dinner"
Peter Flood


"A summer study of erosional and depositional beaches of southeastern Nantucket Island: To be or not to be? Is this really a question? "
Eva Moran


"Lepidoptera of Nantucket: A Guide to the Nantucket Net"
Nicole Wallin


"Saxicolous Lichens in relation to Gravestone Texture and Composition: Why is it a Clean Slate?"
Jenny Foster


"Vision in Argopecten irradians irradians: The Ayes have it"
Alex de Saint Sardos


"Habitats of Lady Crabs (Ovalipes ocellatus) on Nantucket: Madam, do you have a soft bottom?"
Chris Tunkey


"Corticolous Lichens in Nantucket Town: Dyeing Decorators or Dying Detectors? "
Sunao Iwata


"The Wildlife Refuge Potential of Grave Yards on Nantucket or: Bird Watching on The Graves of My Ancestors"
Liesl Bross


"Wasting disease in Nantucket Harbor Eelgrass Populations: What's ailing the eelgrass?"
Dan Cromidas


"Arthropods in Nantucket Heathlands: A Survey or The Adventures of Bug and the Bag Lady"
John Beagan


"Protozoan Succession in Winogradsky Columns: Photographing floating flatulating flagellates"
Benjamin Bakondi


"Population Declines in Grassland and Scrub-Successional Bird Species"
Andrew Imrie




"Populations of Microtus pennsylvanicus (the Meadow Vole) in Burned and Unburned Heathland: Where there's a hole, there's a vole!"
Bethany Clemmey


"Comparative Foraging Behaviors and Success Rates of the Snowy and Great Egrets: Slow and Steady Doesn't Always Win the Race"
Karen Ameele


"Population dynamics of Busycotypus canaliculatus around Nantucket: The Wonderful Whimsical World of the Whelk"
Caroline Sexton


"Idotea baltica: A Colorful Nantucket Resident - Phenotypic Variation in Idotea baltica Living on the Shores of Nantucket
Lawrence Connolly and Sherry Reynolds


"Are Size and Weight the Control Factors of Protandry in Crepidula fornicata : The Fornicated Change"
Lillian E. Stone


"Osmoregulation and Phototrophism of Asterias forbesi: The Search for the Stars"
Christopher A. Gorski


"An Examination of the Short Range Movement Patterns of Pagurus longicarpus in Nantucket Harbor"
Jason S. Ezekiel


"A Survey Of Opsanus tau In Nantucket Harbor: Where The Toadfish Are"
Crispian Flood


"Getting to the Root of it all: Mycorrhizae in Salt Marsh Plants"
Janet L. Dillingham


"Fungal Populations on Nantucket Shingles -- A Proposed Relationship to "Weathered" Coloring"
 Lisa A. Cronin


"Re-establishing Sesachacha Pond as a Stable Salt Pond Environment: Of Openings and Oysters"
Sue Ann Richardson


"Microbial Mats, Don't Wipe Your Feet on Them: A Survey of Pigments Extracted from Photosynthetic Sulfur Bacteria in Folgers Salt Marsh and from Laboratory Cultures"
Neena Josen


"Xanthoria, Pseudoparmelia and Cladina: On the Trail of Some Nantucket Pioneers: A 1195 Status Report of Island Lichens"
Mary C. Wynne


"Surf's up! Do Fiddler Crabs Actually Know When the Tide Comes in and Out?"
Matthew D. Cross


"A Control Issue: Do the Shoals Feel Like Moving?"
Kevin Mack


"A Survey of Marine Tardigrades on Coatue Beach: Micro-Game Hunting in Nantucket"
Carol Bezanker


"Babes and Baleen: Women on Whaling Ships"
Michelle Ferrar


"What's Eating the Man-Eaters? A Comparative Analysis of External and Internal Parasites in Three Species of Elasmobranchs"
Brook Flanagan & Kristina Mullin

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