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nantucket field station

Research is conducted at the Field Station by investigators and their students from UMass Boston as well as many other research institutions in the Northeastern United States including Harvard, Columbia, the U.S. Geological Survey, WHOI, Northeastern, and the College of the Atlantic.


Interaction With Governmental Agencies

The NFS provides housing for investigators conducting surveys of rare and endangered species and specific population surveys. For example, the Field Station was used by state agencies to examine the colonial nesting of waterfowl. Other interactions with government agencies include sampling of erosion and shoreline changes. Finally, the Field Station hosts environmental regulatory meetings for the Island.

Agencies interacting with the NFS include:

  •  U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
  •  Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection
  •  Massachusetts Fish and Wildlife Service
  •  Massachusetts State Ornithologist
  •  The Corps of Engineers (Duck, NC and Vicksburg, MS)
  •  The U.S. Geological Survey