$1M Pension Action Center Grant Ensures Free Pension Counseling to Continue in NE for Next 5 Years

Gerontology Institute | July 10, 2018
$1M Pension Action Center Grant Ensures Free Pension Counseling to Continue in NE for Next 5 Years

A new $1 million grant will make it possible for the University of Massachusetts Boston's Pension Action Center (PAC) to continue providing free pension legal counseling to people across New England for the next five years.

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services's Administration for Community Living awarded the funds to the New England Pension Assistance Project, which the center operates.

The PAC is the only source of free pension counseling in each of the six New England states. It also provides counseling to retirees and survivors in Illinois, work that is not funded by the new grant.

“We thank the Administration for Community Living for its ongoing support for our work,” said new PAC Director Anna-Marie Tabor. “This grant is essential for the Pension Action Center to continue helping New England retirees find and secure the benefits they have earned.

“I also want to express my appreciation to recently retired PAC Director Jeanne Medeiros and to Louise Cataldo, the center’s program coordinator, for their work securing this new five-year grant,” Tabor said.

Since its founding in 1994, the Pension Action Center has helped more than 7,800 New England clients recover benefits valued at more than $55 million. The recoveries represent a return of more than $10 for every dollar of funding it received.

In addition to recovering benefits, the center has been the trusted expert for answering questions on retirement income benefits for workers, retirees, and their families in New England.

The Pension Action Center is part of the McCormack Graduate School’s Gerontology Institute.

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