Assistant Professor of Management Received $25,000 Fellowship

College of Management | March 28, 2013
Photo of Ed Carberry

Photo of Ed Carberry

Ed Carberry, Assistant Professor in the Department of Management and Marketing, has received a Blue Wolf Capital Fellowship for $25,000 to conduct research on the implications of broad-based stock ownership and profit sharing for the portfolio companies of the private equity industry in the United States. The fellowship will allow Professor Carberry, a leading expert on employee ownership and broad-based stock compensation, to advance his research on the impact of employee ownership and profit-sharing in American corporations on key employee outcomes, including income and wealth acquisition, involvement in decision-making, job satisfaction, organizational commitment, and perceptions of organizational fairness.


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Posted by Rhode Viljean | April 22, 2013 - 11:34 p.m.

Great job, professor!

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