“Bobbi the Beacon” to Graduate Friday

Colleen Locke | May 27, 2015
Bobby<i> the Beacon relaxes before commencement.

Bobby the Beacon relaxes before commencement.
Image by: Christian Arthur

Senior Kirsten Morrison Also a Three-Sport Athlete at UMass Boston

You've probably seen senior sports star Kirsten Morrison at dozens of games over the last four years - and never knew it was her.

Besides being a three-sport athlete at UMass Boston, Morrison is one of a handful of students who plays Bobby the Beacon at campus events. Or, as Morrison calls the country’s only lighthouse mascot, “Bobbi with an ‘I’”.

Morrison graduates Friday with a bachelor’s degree in exercise and health sciences.

Kirsten Morrison with Bobbi the Beacon“A great four years, Bobbi,” Morrison said last week after taking off the uniform for the last time, patting the lighthouse as she did so.

When you walk across campus with Morrison as Bobbi, you see the impact the mascot has, as a small child reaches out for a high five, and fellow college students beg for selfies. Morrison didn’t find the dancing or the constant requests for pictures difficult; she says the hardest thing she ever had to do while wearing the full-length costume was holding a baby.

"Once someone handed me their baby to take a picture,” she says. “I couldn't see the baby through the costume - and I was so nervous!"

Although other students take on the role of Bobby the Beacon, Morrison is the only senior who has inhabited the lighthouse this year.

During her four years at UMass Boston, Morrison led the volleyball team to three Little East Conference titles, racked up more than 1,000 points as a member of the women’s basketball team, and this year, also played softball. She was all-conference in all three sports.

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Posted by Jane Kelley | May 05, 2017 - 10:08 p.m.

Super young woman! Great success story! Congratulations Kristen on your graduation!