Camp Shriver Thanks Our 2015 Heroes

Center for Social Development and Education | September 22, 2015
Camp Shriver Thanks Our 2015 Heroes

To continue this tradition, we would like to award members of the UMass Boston community...

This summer was special: Camp Shriver's 10 year anniversary.

The Center for Social Development and Education (CSDE) looks back and marvels that in our 10 years, Camp Shriver has served more than 1,000 children from neighborhoods surrounding UMass Boston. In fact, in addition to the invaluable support of UMass Boston, the center has raised more than $1 million so that we can serve these deserving families for free. While we try to serve more families each year, our waiting list continues to grow.

In addition to all of the fun activities campers enjoy while they are at camp—swimming, basketball, crafts and more—a unique and treasured tradition at camp are the closing ceremonies, where every camper receives an award acknowledging his/her unique skills and talents, such as: “Best Smile,” “Most Improved Swimmer,” or “Greatest Friend.”

To continue this tradition, CSDE would like to award members of the UMass Boston community who have made a special contribution to Camp Shriver over the past decade and who we see as the heroes of Camp Shriver:


To Chancellor Keith Motley, we present the “Camp Champion” Award.

Without the support of our remarkable chancellor, there would be no Camp Shriver. UMass Boston's donation of facilities provides the pool where campers learn to swim, the field and gym where teammates become friends, and the creative room where a passion for art is discovered. The donation of transportation allows campers from the most at-risk neighborhoods to attend our summer program. Thanks to the continuing and unwavering support of Chancellor Motley, Camp Shriver is looking forward to another decade of serving children with and without disabilities from neighboring communities.


To Vice Chancellor Charlie Titus, we present the “Playmaker” Award.

Since the beginning of Camp Shriver, Vice Chancellor Charlie Titus has made play happen: he has been advocating for our campers, finding space in the busy schedule of Athletics and working with Camp Shriver to ensure an exciting summer of unique opportunities for our campers. Thanks to the leadership of Vice Chancellor Titus, our campers have a once-in-a-lifetime summer.


To Dorothy Renaghan, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Facilities Management, we present the “Fixer of Fun” Award.

For the past decade, Dorothy Renaghan has been “paving the way” for our campers, preparing the UMass Boston facilities for camp by—sometimes literally—paving the way! She goes above and beyond to ensure the wellbeing of Camp Shriver campers, laying blacktop, repairing fences, fixing ceilings, securing permits and making sure that every facility is ready for our campers. Thanks to the tireless efforts of Assistant Vice Chancellor Renaghan and the facilities team, our campers can look forward to a summer of smiles and friendship.


To Ken King, Department of Athletics, we present the “MVP of Summer Fun” Award.

As a parent of a Camp Shriver camper alumni, Ken King understands what Camp Shriver adds to our university and energetically supports the day-to-day operations of camp. He ensures we have everything we need for facility support, from air conditioning to trash removal. Thanks to Mr. King and the whole athletics team, our campers have a summer full of new, fun opportunities.


To Professor Abbey Eisenhower, Department of Psychology, we present the “Queen of Collaboration” Award.

Professor Eisenhower’s Learning Lab brilliantly demonstrates how UMass Boston departments can work together for mutual success. Through the Learning Lab, each summer, 16 undergraduate students have a chance to learn not only in Professor Eisenhower’s classroom, but hands-on at Camp Shriver, working with our campers throughout the summer. Thanks to the vision of Professor Eisenhower, our campers have the opportunity to know and learn from the fantastic students of UMass Boston.


To Javier Valdez, Sodexo Catering, we present the “Champion of Lunch” Award.

As the Camp Shriver Chef and Server, Javier is our campers’ favorite person (he who brings the pizza), ensuring that our meals are prepared correctly and that the campers and staff always have enough to eat. Javier makes sure to not only meet the special dietary needs of our campers, but is always available when Camp Shriver needed a special request met. Thanks to Javier and the Sodexo team, our campers eat hot, healthy meals all summer long.


To Sgt. Jorge Ortiz, Department of Public Safety, we present the “Officer of Fun” Award.

Camp Shriver’s Community Police Officer, Sgt. Ortiz, ensures the safety of our campers through our daily detail officers and team of cadets. He spends time with our campers to gain their trust and assure them how safe Camp Shriver and UMass Boston are. Thanks to the efforts of Sgt. Ortiz and the public safety team, our campers understand that their fun-filled summer is a safe one, too.


Every summer, the campus echoes with the laughter of over a hundred happy campers… Camp Shriver gratefully thanks the folks above and all the heroes who took a moment to help put a smile on the faces of the children of Camp Shriver.

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