“Celebration of Support” Event Extends Gratitude

University Advancement | April 30, 2012
“Celebration of Support” Event Extends Gratitude

Ismaelle Pulido ’13 says a scholarship to UMass Boston didn't just help her financially.

"It validated my life experiences, and gave me confidence to pursue my passions,” Pulido says.

Pulido was one of dozens of grateful students who attended UMass Boston’s annual scholarship reception, “Celebration of Support: Bringing Scholarship Students and Donors Together” on April 5.

The typical college student outfit of jeans and sweatshirts was nowhere to be seen among the student guests. Instead, clad in their best outfits, they felt honored to have the opportunity to meet the donors whose scholarships have made such a profound difference in their lives.

Some brought their parents, others their professors, but all savored the chance to say “thank you” in person to the university’s philanthropists. One donor family, the Brehms, couldn’t have been more delighted.  It was their first time meeting a recipient of the endowed scholarships established by their late parents, Harold and Ella Brehm. Others, like keynote speaker Buzz Cue ’69, never miss the event. Cue comes each year to see the current and former recipients of the Dr. Berkeley W. Cue Endowed Scholarship Fund in Chemistry.

A special “gratitude table” was introduced for the first time this year. It offered students whose donors could not be present the chance to pen a note of thanks. Chancellor J. Keith Motley asked  the recipients to keep in mind that their awards have been “funded by people who believed that you have tremendous promise to make remarkable contributions to our society.” He urged them to return the donors’ gesture of generosity in the future by giving back to the university once established in their careers.

Pulido, who served as student speaker, shared the benefit of her scholarship in charting her future direction.

“Without the burdens of college loans, I can immediately pursue my dream of moving to India to work on human rights issues, one of my strongest passions. By using my own personal narrative of how education has positively transformed my life, I hope to bring new experiences to young women whose access to education has been withheld,” Pulido says.

The “Celebration of Support” is hosted each spring. To learn more about the event, how you can get involved, or to meet your scholarship recipients, please contact Vanessa DiCarlo, director of stewardship, at 617.287.5328.

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