Chancellor Appoints UMass Boston Board of Visitors

Office of Communications | October 28, 2010
Chancellor Appoints UMass Boston Board of Visitors

Chancellor J. Keith Motley today announced the establishment of a new University of Massachusetts Boston Board of Visitors comprised of approximately 50 alumni, leaders, and friends of the university. The group met for the first time last month, when they held an inaugural meeting to review the highlights of the last several years and to participate in a discussion of the next steps the university will take.

Each campus in the University of Massachusetts system is required by the Board of Trustees to appoint a Board of Visitors, a senior-level advisory body consisting of accomplished alumni and other invested individuals. Members will act as advisors to the chancellor and the university’s leadership on a variety of strategic issues, such as instruction and research, finance, facilities, philanthropy, student enrollment and retention, marketing, community engagement, and global development.

“I appreciate your presence. I appreciate your leadership. And I appreciate your commitment to the University of Massachusetts Boston,” Chancellor Motley said in welcoming the group last month. “Those of you who are alumni, you might remember a very different university from what you see today. And it is our goal that in 25 years, the students who graduate this year will see a very different university when they return to campus.”

The Board of Visitors is important in achieving UMass Boston’s promise as Boston’s only public university, unequivocally committed to talented students who are deserving of a rigorous education. As part of its mission, the board will address the university’s commitment to quality, affordability, and active engagement with the community.

Chancellor Motley selected local and national leaders from the for-profit, nonprofit, private, and public sectors to serve on the board. They include Board Chair Arthur Mabbett, chairman and founder of Mabbett & Associates, a scientific consulting firm, and Selma Sax, vice chair and owner of the business and educational consulting firm The Saxton Group. Others included doctors, lawyers, educators, civic leaders, and retired faculty.

“I was the CEO of a company with more than 1,000 employees. Then I retired, and I was looking for something to do with the rest of my life,” said Benjamin Slomoff ’93, a graduate of UMass Boston’s gerontology program and dispute resolution program, wrapping up the lunch discussion to applause. “I started my education at 70, and I am the most grateful man in this room because UMass Boston has given me a new lease on life. I’ll be 97 in November; this has given me a reason for living.”

Members of the Board of Visitors will meet at least twice a year to focus on plans for campus development, fundraising, and alumni relations. All members serve as a university resource by volunteering their time, expertise, and financial support to the university as a whole and to the areas in which they volunteer, and acting as ambassadors to the university’s external community.

The members include the following: Chairman Arthur Mabbett ’69; Vice Chair Selma L. Sax ’63; Allan Bahn ’85; Naiff J. Bethoney ’69; Nancie Barwick ’86; Arthur Bowes ’69; Richard P. Campbell ’70; Norma Ross Casey ’57; David A. Coard ’76; Martin W. Courage ’82; Charles F. Desmond, chairman, Massachusetts Department of Higher Education; Jean R. Elrick ’82; Jacqueline Fawcett, chairwoman, Department of Nursing, UMass Boston; Pat Flaherty ’81; John G. Flores ’71; Gerard L. Gaughan, clinical professor of medicine, Tufts University School of Medicine; William Geary ’72; Laurel Giarrusso ’71; Mary E. Grassa O'Neill ’68; Adrian K. Haugabrook ’02; Robert Emmet Hayes ’90; Sunta S. Izzicupo ’75; Janice James; Ralph James, executive director of external relations, Harvard Business School; Daniel Joyce ’82; Denise T. Kenneally ’77; Mel King ’52; Donna Kuizenga, dean, College of Liberal Arts, UMass Boston; Richard Lawton, attorney, Law Offices of Richard J. Lawton; Winston Langley, provost and vice chancellor for academic affairs, UMass Boston; Mark Marinella ’81; Edward J. Merritt, president, Mt. Washington Bank; Marijo McCarthy ’78; Deborah T. Meehan ’76; Maureen Melton ’85; Irene Nichols ’52; Ellen O’Connor, vice chancellor for administration & finance, UMass Boston; Philip L. Quaglieri, dean, College of Management, UMass Boston; Carole C. Remick, director, New England High School Journalism Collaborative, UMass Boston & Regis College; George A. Russell, Jr., executive vice president, State Street Corporation; Dora Schriro ’74; Benjamin Slomoff ’93; James E. Smith ’69; Michael Spillane ’82; Barbara Thibault ’69; Paul Hayes Tucker, Paul Hayes Tucker professor of art, UMass Boston; Bill Walczak ’79; and George L. Weidenfeller ’69.

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