Collaborative Leadership in Action: ELP Team Project Presentation Makes Some Changes for the Better

Andrea Wight, Center for Collaborative Leadership | July 05, 2017
Collaborative Leadership in Action: ELP Team Project Presentation Makes Some Changes for the Better

Image by: Matthew Reilly

Collaborative leadership is the key to leveraging strengths.

On June 19, the fellows in the Center for Collaborative Leadership's Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) delivered the annual team project presentation in the center’s new format.

Lisa DeAngelis, director of the center states, “We wanted the team project report out day to be reflective of the ELP experience.” As such, the new format combines exhibition and presentation. The exhibition creates a space for attendees to take more time to learn about each of the projects, understanding the issues facing our region and the unique perspectives these teams bring to addressing them. The exhibition portion of the program also allows attendees to meet one another and the ELP fellows, supporting the center's intention of enabling purposeful relationships.

The new presentation format provides a forum for sharing the lessons the fellows learned from the team projects as a way to deepen the understanding of, and reflecting on, the practice of collaborative leadership.

Here are some of the lessons the fellows learned about collaborative leadership:

  • "It’s easy to say no to new ideas. I learned to eliminate the need to be devil’s advocate. I now say 'yes, and' while conscientiously working at promoting new ideas." – Darren Carmon, State Street Corporation
  • "It is powerful to come into a meeting with a good question rather than all the answers." – Ben Levy, Boathouse
  • "As a leader, it was a good aha moment to realize we need to help others find their ‘sweet spot’ and facilitate their ability to work on what they are good at." – Katya Kumar, Year Up
  • "I will lead with a deeper understanding and appreciation of the importance of creating shared meaning and purpose when working in groups." – Lili Silva, East Boston Neighborhood Health Center
  • "There are different types of leaders, and I now understand that each are contributing in their own way." – Luis da Costa, BMC HealthNet Plan
  • "Collaborative leadership is the key to leveraging strengths." – Trevor Tessin, Eversource

The fellows in the 2017 cohort worked with the following project sponsors: Boston Athletic Association, Massachusetts Business Roundtable, Center for Social Policy, Institute for Community Inclusion, Stop Handgun Violence, UMass Boston Office of Diversity and Inclusion, as well as with the Center for Collaborative Leadership. 

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