Coolest Night on Campus Doubles Down—Jazz Night! May 5 & 6

Bill Doncaster | April 25, 2017
Drummer Brian Hull

Drummer Brian Hull
Image by: Kahrim Wade

a thrill to see musicians growing in their craft and having those moments... where it all works and the room is electrified...

Jazz Night! caps off every semester with an evening of improvisational jazz in the Recital Hall.  This spring, on May 5 & 6, the UMass Boston Jazz Ensembles take the first and second place for “coolest night on campus” as they add a second performance.

Last semester, the first in the Recital Hall, Jazz Night! sold out. But, for Jazz Ensembles director Peter Janson, the second show isn’t about the demand, it’s about musicians learning from the audience and modifying their performance.

“Jazz is all about that communication with the audience,” Janson says. “And every semester, Jazz Night! is a culmination of months of work. But no amount of rehearsal can take the place of being on stage, feeling the energy of the audience, catching how the crowd reacts in those key moments when it all works.”

“That’s a key lesson, and a second show gives the performer the chance to modify – anticipate those moments so they can react, and make more of them,” Janson says. “It’s been a thrill to see the crowds increase over the years, a bigger thrill to see musicians growing in their craft and having those moments, those amazing moments where it all works and the room is electrified.”

In all, 30 musicians will take the stage, exploring improvisational jazz across multiple ensembles. 

Jazz Night! is May 5 & 6 at 7:30 p.m. in the Recital Hall, University Hall. Student tickets are $5, $10 for the general public. Tickets available at the door (while they last) or in advance through this LINK.

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