David Matz Visits China as Member of Mediation Training Team

Ann Rugnetta, Department of Conflict Resolution, Human Security, and Global Governance | July 10, 2012
David Matz Visits China as Member of Mediation Training Team

In June, Professor David Matz traveled to Changsha, China as part of a team to train judges and law professors in mediation. The training, sponsored by UMass/Boston and the Massachusetts Conference of Judges, is part of an extensive effort headed by the Ziangtan University Law School to raise the level of mediation and expand its use throughout Hunan Province.

This was Matz' fifth trip to China where he has previously conducted mediation trainings, taught law school courses, and co-chaired the English Language Negotiation Competition for Chinese Law Students. 

The overall goal of the June program was to develop the capacity of local professionals to serve as community mediators and, in turn, to train others. The program is designed to support the efforts of Dean Liao to develop the Law School’s Sino-U.S. Legal Studies Center. Dean Liao spent a year at UMass Boston studying conflict resolution and hopes to make ADR the centerpiece of his Legal Studies Center.

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