“Defiled”: Dana Ellyn, Matt Sesow, and the Recent Vocabulary of Popular Politics

Office of Communications | April 01, 2013
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Image from "Defiled," on exhibit at UMass Boston's Harbor Gallery until April 25

"Defiled" will be on exhibit at UMass Boston's Harbor Gallery from April 7 through April 25.

"Defiled" features the work of two Washington D.C. based artists, Dana Ellyn and Matt Sesow, a couple whose respective works speak the language of the 21st Century American political consciousness fluently, although through vastly differing stylistic approaches. Sesow has been called an “outsider artist,” having been self-taught with no traditional artistic training, while Ellyn received training in the fine arts at George Washington University. The keystone of the exhibition is the Defiled series of collaborative paintings which express their political messages with particular potency through an aesthetic merger of academy and colloquialism.

The exhibit is open Monday through Thursday from 1 to 7 p.m.

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