Eileen Stuart-Shor Committed to Health of Underserved Populations

College of Nursing and Health Sciences | February 17, 2012
Eileen Stuart-Shor Committed to Health of Underserved Populations

College of Nursing and Health Sciences Assistant Professor Eileen Stuart-Shor, PhD, ANP-BC, FAHA, FAAN is someone who wears many hats: teacher, clinician, researcher, and humanitarian. A graduate of the college’s PhD program in nursing and health policy, Stuart-Shor has a longstanding interest in cardiovascular disease (CV), health disparities and global health.

Stuart-Shor’s article "Behavioral Strategies for Cardiovascular Risk Reduction in Diverse and Underserved Racial/Ethnic Groups”, has been published in the American Heart Association Journal Circulation. Despite widespread awareness among clinicians of primary and secondary CV prevention goals and the potential for improving clinical outcomes by integrating lifestyle risk reduction interventions into practice, the application of these interventions is far from optimal. The article is intended to provide clinicians and researchers with a comprehensive overview of proven strategies to modify risk in this underserved population.

Furthermore, Stuart-Shor was named among the 2011 American Nurses Foundation Scholars for her work on Kenya Heart and Sole: The The Afya Njema Project. A partnership between the College of Nursing and Health Sciences at UMass Boston, Health for Nations, the Tumutumu Hospital School of Nursing, Kijabe Hospital School of Nursing, and the University of Nairobi School of Nursing Sciences, the project extends Stuart-Shor’s local work at Roxbury Heart and Sole, which addresses cardiovascular and metabolic risk factors in an underserved African American community. Kenya Heart and Sole improves cardiovascular/metabolic health primarily through surveillance, screening, and the development of risk reduction programs.  Several research projects are underway to assess CV risk factors in this population and identify the associated lifestyle and environmental factors. Results from these preliminary studies have been reported at national and international meetings; this April, Stuart-Shor and her team will be making an oral presentation at the World Congress of Cardiology in Dubai.

In another study, Global Risk Assessment in Resource Constrained Countries: Kenya Heart and Sole, conducted by Stuart-Shor in collaboration with UMass Boston students and colleagues at the University of Nairobi, focused on bringing the Gaziano Risk Score (GRS), a non-lab based risk assessment model to Kenya, where laboratory-based evaluations are not readily available. In comparative effectiveness analysis, the GRS has similar predictive value compared to the more commonly used Framingham score.

In addition to her research, local and global health outreach, Stuart-Shor is dedicated to her clinical practice as a CV nurse practitioner at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center as well to mentoring students, community service, implementing heart health initiatives on campus, and securing funding to give students the opportunity to participate in Kenya Heart and Sole.

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