UMass Boston Emerging Leaders Program Alum Setting the Stage for Winter’s Landing

Andrea Wight, Center for Collaborative Leadership | January 29, 2016
UMass Boston Emerging Leaders Program Alum Setting the Stage for Winter’s Landing

The lessons learned and colleagues met through the ELP were instrumental in building Winter’s Landing’s community architecture.

When Chris Sinclair was accepted into the UMass Boston Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) back in 2011, he quickly established himself as someone who steps up to challenges. As president of The Anthem Group, he accepted a bid to manage concession operations for the Independence Day Celebration at the Cambridge side of the Esplanade -- just nine days before the actual event. Thus started his path toward being instrumentally involved in major public events in the City of Boston.

Having mastered the summer, he now looks toward to creating Winter's Landing in Boston's City Hall Plaza. Sinclair's vision for Winter's Landing is to turn this underutilized public space into the centerpiece for arts, entertainment, and winter programming in the City of Boston. Fully conceptualized and entirely privately funded, the destination will include an all-glass, 20,000 square foot restaurant and lounge; two skating surfaces; and 15 additional venues within the larger property. Winter’s Landing will serve as a platform for 450 events and programs throughout the winter including theatrical performances, sporting events, a televised holiday special, a film festival, live entertainment and community-focused events.

A major component of Anthem’s philosophy is to do well and also to do good. Winter’s Landing creates one of the largest platforms in the northeast – one that Sinclair and his team utilize to engage their many community and philanthropic partners. The Emerging Leaders Program helped deepen an understanding of how government, private sector, and nonprofit intersect and interact for the betterment of the community at large. The lessons learned and colleagues met through the program were instrumental in building Winter’s Landing’s community and philanthropic architecture.  Among the marquee community projects includes a three-tier jobs program: inner-city youth, for individuals in substance abuse recovery and the third is in tandem with Friends of Boston’s Homeless to transition previously homeless individuals back into the workforce. Winter’s Landing will employ an estimated 500 seasonal and part-time staff. In addition, there are over 100 community partners that range from Easter Seals of Massachusetts to Big Brothers, Big Sisters of Massachusetts Bay and Action for Boston Community Development.

Winter’s Landing is philanthropic, and community driven, providing a multitude of civic benefits. This property will have a tremendous economic impact, enhance global tourism, and true cultural significance. Sinclair and his team are currently going through a public bidding process with the City of Boston with the goal of launching Winter’s Landing in the very near future. 

If you are interested in learning more, providing assistance or want to become involved – please contact Emily Goldberg via email at or by phone at 617.381.4746.

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