Expect Changes Next Week as Summer Construction Ramps Up

Office of Communications | May 30, 2017
Crews have been busy planting trees, preparing for the June 5 opening of University Drive South along Savin Hill Cove.

Crews have been busy planting trees, preparing for the June 5 opening of University Drive South along Savin Hill Cove.
Image by: Harry Brett

The UMass Boston campus will undergo more parking and roadway changes as summer construction ramps up.

Crews are preparing to open University Drive South along Savin Hill Cove. Two-way traffic with sidewalks and bike lanes will be open as early as next Monday, June 5. Work will also intensify in front of the Campus Center as a new section of University Drive East opens. Shuttle buses will be picking up and dropping off in an area south of the Campus Center, near Wheatley Hall. The MBTA bus stop will relocate to University Drive South between McCormack and Wheatley halls.

Once University Drive South opens, work will progress on University Drive West. The roadway which runs near the new parking garage construction site and near the main loading dock will be closed. A service road will remain open for vehicles making loading dock deliveries.  

A section of the Clark Lot has already closed as a new portion of Clark Athletic Center waterproofing project gets under way. Handicapped parking spaces have been redirected to the Beacons Lot and to the open area of the Clark Lot. Pedestrian pathways have shifted. Bus shuttle service at Clark remains the same and the exterior stairway remains open. 

Work is under way on the outside of the Clark Athletic Center

On the east exterior side of the Clark Athletic Center, where the gym and lobby are located, bricks, metal siding and a skylight are being removed and replaced, and waterproofing will be installed. Similar exterior work will be under way later this summer on the south side of the Clark rink.

Next week, the pedestrian route between Mount Vernon Street and the Clark Athletic Center will shift into the softball field. Later in June the remainder of the Clark Lot will permanently close. The final plan is for this area to become a pick-up/drop-off area. Also later in June, a new section of roadway between the Massachusetts Archives and University Hall will open. Columbia Point Road will be closed for utility work between University Drive North and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute.

Stay tuned for future construction updates providing more detailed information on the upcoming changes.

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