Gerontology Professor Edits Book Assessing Affordable Care Act

McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies | November 29, 2012
Edward Alan Miller is the editor of <em> The Affordable Care Act: Advancing Long-Term Care Policy in the United States. </em>

Edward Alan Miller is the editor of The Affordable Care Act: Advancing Long-Term Care Policy in the United States.
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In March of 2010, Congress passed and President Obama signed into the law the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act featuring rights and protections for consumers and accountability requirements for insurers. Although the ACA has only been in effect for less than three years, experts have begun to review its potential efficacy and impact on the aging population in the United States.  

Edward Alan Miller, PhD, MPA, associate professor at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies, has edited a new book, The Affordable Care Act: Advancing Long-Term Care Policy in the United States, published this fall by Routledge, an imprint of the Taylor & Francis Group.

Long-term care in the United States and other countries suffers multiple problems. Many people find it hard to afford the high costs of services. Care quality is often suboptimal; so too is care coordination, particularly amongst those receiving services paid for by multiple programs. Recruitment and retention of a well-trained, stable workforce is a challenge as well.

The book reviews the accomplishments and shortfalls of the Affordable Care Act. In addition to its primary objective of reducing the number of uninsured Americans and decreasing overall health care costs, the act includes provisions meant to improve long-term services and supports in the United States. Health policy experts address whether or not the Affordable Care Act will have a meaningful impact in addressing the challenges plaguing the long-term care sector.

With contributions from sixteen leading long-term care scholars, the book’s ten chapters provide analysis of the prevailing deficiencies in the way long-term care is delivered, regulated, and financed in the United States. The book tackles such important topics as the workforce caring for older adults, long-term care financing, nursing home quality, and care coordination for patients with both Medicaid and Medicare benefits.

Miller, a faculty member in the Department of Gerontology, is an expert on the determinants and effects of federal and state policies affecting vulnerable populations including the frail and disabled elderly. His introductory chapter asks whether the Affordable Care Act’s long-term care provisions represent dramatic reform or mere tinkering. At a minimum, he explains, “the Affordable Care Act reflects some progress towards addressing the problems underlying long-term care provision in the United States, perhaps laying the ground work for further, more comprehensive reform in future years."

The book is intended for both academics and policy makers. It is available for purchase online. For further information, please contact Professor Miller at

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