Gerontology Students and Faculty Awarded Funding from Office of Global Programs

Gerontology | March 12, 2015
PhD student Lien Quach, Professor Kathrin Boerner, and PhD student Bon Kim

PhD student Lien Quach, Professor Kathrin Boerner, and PhD student Bon Kim

We are pleased to announce that three Gerontology projects have been awarded funding by the Office of Global Programs at UMass Boston. Having received the largest number of applications in the history of the program this year, the Office of Global Programs applauded the high quality of proposals submitted by all participants.

Gerontology faculty member Kathrin Boerner’s proposal “Comparison of US and German Centenarians: Care needs, Resources, and Health” was selected for funding under the International Seed Grants Program. This program supports UMass Boston faculty members interested in pursuing and/or developing an international research/education/learning programs.

Gerontology PhD student Lien Quach received funding for travel to attend an international conference and present her scholarly work. She will be attending the 2015 International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics European Region Congress in Dublin, Ireland.

Gerontology PhD students Bon Kim and Sae Hwang Han received funding for their research project,  “Productive Aging and subjective well‐being among Chinese and Korean older adults” in the Student/Postdoc International Research Project competition. This program provides funding for UMass Boston students interested in pursuing and developing an international research project.

“This is wonderful news,” says Gerontology Department Chair Jeff Burr, “congratulations to each of the proposal submitters! Once again, we are reminded that aging is both a local and global phenomenon.  On behalf of my gerontology colleagues, we thank Schuyler Korban, Vice Provost and Director of the Office of Global Programs, for supporting this important work.”

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Posted by Lien Quach | January 15, 2017 - 2:05 p.m.

Great story! A huge applause and congratulations for the research projects you all have done! I believe those are essential research and projects for the future aging generations as longevity is in the rise and mankind (human beings who live longer globally found themselves less productive!) (based on my own observations & experiences) people nowadays have the tendency to consume more than produce, especially the X & Y generations, resulting in more aging facilities that do readily provide devices & services for the aging that can still be productive to help themselves, instead of sitting around and watching time pas by. I may be incorrect in that conclusion as I haven’t opportunity to look into your research However, I hope I can do so one day and continue to support your great work and research. Thank you for allowing me to leave the comment on your story. I would love to hear from you from ‘down under’—the country from Oz. They call it Australia. grin
Best wishes and best regards ,
Lien Quach