GHP Director Anamarija Frankić Interviewed on NPR’s Living on Earth

GHP | November 20, 2012

Anamarija Frankić, biomimicry fellow and director of the Green Boston Harbor Project (GHP), was interviewed this week on NPR's Living on Earth. LOE host Steve Curwood spoke with Frankić about "Design Inspiration from Nature." When it comes to adaptation, nature, with four billion years of practice, knows best. Now, scientists are looking to nature for answers to some of our biggest environmental problems.

According to Frankić, biomimicry utilizes biological models to evolve sustainable solutions to environmental, technological, engineering and design challenges. It’s almost like common sense, she says.

Here on campus, the GHP is exploring how we might create coastal shoreline structures that can biomimic the habitats that were here before Boston—salt marshes, sea grass beds and shellfish—that might better protect us from environmental changes, including flooding from hurricanes like Sandy.

NPR's Living on Earth
Anamarija Frankić’s profile for the University of Massachusetts Boston
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