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GHP Shows Difference in Water Clarity at Splash! Conference

Office of Communications | October 17, 2012
Picture of Professor Anamarija Frankic, director of the Green Harbors Project, and students at the Splash! conference

Anamarija Frankić, director of the Green Harbors Project, was invited to participate at Splash!, a conference focused on water, the environment, and related careers that the EPA organized at Roxbury Community College on October 2.

This conference and water fair was devoted to informing and engaging youth in activities, demonstrations, and talks on the water, environment, and careers in water management.

Professor Frankić prepared two touch tanks with the same amount of water from the Boston Harbor. One tank had immersed invasive species from the harbor, while the second had native shellfish species. Students were observing the changes in water clarity within hours in a tank with the shellfish species, and amazed by the variety and "looks" of invasive species, while the water in that tank remained dirty and murky.

About 300 high school seniors participated in the event.

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