GLPP Alumna Advances Diversity and Equality in the Private Sector

Summer Ordaz and Muna Killingback | December 18, 2015
Janine Ting Jansen at work

Janine Ting Jansen at work

Janine Ting Jansen, a 2005 graduate of UMass Boston’s Gender, Leadership, and Public Policy (GLPP) graduate certificate program, puts into practice the skills she gained there to benefit the people she works with as a Talent Development Manager at McGraw Hill Financial.

While a majority of GLPP alumnae work in the public or nonprofit sectors, Jansen is one of a growing number of alumnae who chart successful careers in the private sector in areas such as diversity, human resources, and corporate social responsibility.   Jansen credits the program and her internship at the Center for Women in Politics and Public Policy, home of the GLPP graduate certificate, with equipping her with the skills to thoroughly research and consider “all points of view as well as historic policy.”

This knowledge of policy research transfers very well, she notes. As an example, she cites her own work in human resources:  “When conducting performance reviews at my organization, I consult with my peers at other finance institutions, review leading research, discuss with our business leaders, and conduct focus groups with our employees to understand what will best serve them. By taking in feedback through all these avenues, we can develop an approach to best serve the population. These research methods are very similar for public policy and politics.”  However, she cautions that “what works one year may be very different in two years, because the population changes!”

At McGraw Hill Financial, Jansen focuses on advancing diversity by enabling mobility; increasing retention rates, paying for performance, and supporting employee success overall.  Her favorite part of the job is helping employees and interns to develop and grow through leadership programs and best practice examples of success.

Jansen was always drawn to politics, she says. As a political science major at Emmanuel College, Jansen interned in the offices of the Massachusetts Governor and U.S. Congressman Jose Serrano.  Following another internship stint in Great Britain’s Parliament, Jansen began working at law firms where she got involved in campus recruiting and diversity. 

While working during the day, Jansen took the evening courses offered in the certificate program.  Jansen enjoyed the focus on women in politics and gender issues, such as the wage gap.  “There are not a lot of programs like it,” Jansen remarks.   When she graduated with the GLPP certificate, she was able to transfer the credits to a Master’s program in Urban Policy Analysis and Management at The New School in New York.

While noting that more progress needs to be made in advancing private sector diversity, she cites some recent initiatives that have made an impact.  These have included her collaboration with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute to conduct campus recruiting and workshops to teach high school students job search skills. McGraw Hill Financial has done similar work with various other groups as well.  Jansen remarks that these efforts are “planting the seeds” of future leadership.

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