Gratitude for Years of Service

Pamela Worth | December 02, 2010
Gratitude for Years of Service

Gratitude was the theme of the afternoon as UMass Boston celebrated its most senior faculty and staff at the fourteenth annual Years of Service luncheon event on November 16. Honorees mingled with well-wishers in a packed Campus Center Ballroom as Chancellor J. Keith Motley commended the extraordinary commitment of all UMass Boston employees who have worked at the university for more than 10 years.

Although many university employees fit that description, Years of Service specifically recognizes those with significant anniversaries—10th year, 15th year, 20th year, etc.—all the way to a 45th year anniversary, which was shared by Assistant Chancellor Theresa Mortimer and Professor of English Shaun O’Connell this year.

Gifts ranging from leather bags to commemorative globes were presented to each honoree by Chancellor Motley, with help from Human Resources staff members Kim Howard and Heather Batherwich. An array of desserts was served. UMass Boston Poet Laureate Duncan Nelson read a poem written specifically for the occasion. And from the ballroom stage, Chancellor Motley led a group sing-along of the Rolling Stones’ hit “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”—number one on the charts in 1965, the year that Assistant Chancellor Mortimer and Professor O’Connell each joined the faculty of UMass Boston (then Boston State College).

Also specially recognized during the chancellor’s speech were Professor of Chemistry Robert Carter, Professor of History Spencer Di Scala, and Professor of Biology Garrison Wilkes, each of whom have served UMass Boston for 40 years. Among the rest of the honorees, 73 marked their 10th year of service, 13 had 20 years, and 22 had 30 years.

“Each of you whom we are celebrating today has contributed to the character of the University of Massachusetts Boston, as much as if you built it yourselves; you are indelibly a part of everything we do,” Chancellor Motley said. “What I’m thankful for at this time of year—at all times of year—is you.”

To see a photo slideshow from the Years of Service luncheon event, click here.

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