Healey Library Waterproofing/Roof Project Phase 2 to Begin

Office of Communications | May 08, 2015
Healey Library Waterproofing/Roof Project Phase 2 to Begin

Phase 2 of the Healey Library waterproofing/roof project will begin on Monday, May 11. 

The work includes installing new roofs on six terrace locations on the 11th floor, removing the surrounding parapet walls, installing waterproofing and railings, and replacing windows on the two plaza-facing terraces. 

On Monday, crews will deliver and begin to install scaffolding on the exterior of the building, starting with the east-facing facade (facing McCormack Hall).

The scaffolding installation along the east-facing facade will take approximately three weeks. No work will be performed during final exam week.

Beginning in June, crews will remove bricks from the terrace walls, apply waterproofing to the walls, and install new bricks. The scaffolding installation will continue on the plaza side, then on the side facing the Integrated Sciences Complex, and finish on the waterfront side. The project is scheduled to be complete by the end of the year.

In the next few weeks, meetings will be held with occupants of the 10th- and 11th-floor occupants of the Healey and with library staff to review details and any impacts of the project.

Last year the main roof and the surrounding walls of the building were waterproofed and installed.  

Saturday fire alarm work in Quinn

Crews will be relocating fire department connections in the Quinn Administration Building on Saturday, May 9. In case of a fire, the fire alarm system is operational, but water connections must be made in other campus locations based on a plan by the Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation project contractor that has been approved by the State Department of Public Safety.

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