If You’ve Been Missing “The Point”...

Office of Communications | January 10, 2013
If You’ve Been Missing “The Point”...

Regular readers of The Point will notice this issue is not just our 2013 debut; it’s our first in nearly two months. Be sure, the long delay doesn’t indicate a lack of news. UMass Boston is as lively and dynamic as ever, and we continued to publish regularly at umb.edu even while The Point was on hiatus.

So what happened?

Most of our readers have university email accounts, meaning they have been migrated to the new Office 365 email system. This move will be beneficial for every email user at UMass Boston – more storage, easier access off-campus, and a bunch of other goodies.

But, as with all major changes, there are wrinkles. After we made the switch, we could only send The Point to 1,500 people at a time – a small fraction of our 28,000 subscribers.

We knew that wouldn’t do, so we asked UMass Boston’s excellent IT team to find us a solution. Thanks to their tireless work, we can now send The Point to 50,000 readers at once. If you’re already a subscriber, thank you. If you’re not – well, we just had 22,000 spots open up! Sign up now by clicking on this link.

UMass Boston is a great place to be in 2013, and we look forward to sharing all the latest news with you in The Point.

-Zach Herman
Managing Editor, The Point

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