Major Changes to Mt. Vernon Entrance on July 30

Office of Communications | July 27, 2017
Major Changes to Mt. Vernon Entrance on July 30

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The Mt. Vernon Street campus entrance will become a one-lane road leading into campus starting Sunday, July 30, and continuing through August. Drivers will not be able to leave campus via Mt. Vernon Street during this closure; all campus traffic must depart via Morrissey Boulevard.

All vehicles leaving Lot D will turn left on University Drive North and proceed toward the Morrissey exit. Traffic leaving the Campus Center Garage will turn right at the Massachusetts Archives and continue toward Morrissey.  With all vehicles leaving through the Morrissey exit, no through traffic to Mt. Vernon Street will be possible.

A map of the changes to the Mt. Vernon Street entrance to campus, which will become one way for a month beginning on July 30.

Commuters using the campus shuttle service should allow extra time to get off campus as drivers adjust their routes. The Route 3 shuttles will pick up inbound at Clark, then proceed to the Campus Center and Bayside via Morrissey.  The Route 2 will pick up inbound at Clark, proceed to the Archives and JFK Library, then to the JFK/UMass MBTA station via Morrissey. These shuttles will no longer loop back to the Clark circle on their way off campus.

The Route 1 shuttle service will remain the same, and there will be no changes to pedestrian access.

During this closure, MBTA buses will not be stopping on campus. The closest location for MBTA bus Routes 8 and 16 will be a temporary stop outside the John W. McCormack Middle School, 315 Mt. Vernon St. Arrival and departure times at the McCormack stop will be similar to those listed on MBTA schedules as "Leave UMass."  Riders who typically take these routes to campus may use the McCormack stop or transfer to a UMass Boston shuttle bus at JFK/UMass station.

Police will be on hand to direct traffic as the changes take effect, and an electronic sign will be located near campus off Morrissey to direct drivers to the most convenient parking options. Lot D is typically filled by 9 a.m.; drivers arriving after this time should proceed directly to the Bayside Lot. 

The extra space created by this roadway change will be used by the residence hall project crews for temporary elevators and equipment to continue construction on the buildings.  
Also the upper flight of the exterior stairs next to the Clark Athletic Center will be closed starting Wednesday, July 26. Read more about this project. 

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