Management of Transportation Options for Seniors, New Online Certificate Program at UMass Boston

Fran Berger | August 01, 2013
Management of Transportation Options for Seniors, New Online Certificate Program at UMass Boston

As life expectancy exceeds driving expectancy, the need to plan for transportation options for seniors is a challenge for communities.

To empower those in the field of aging services, UMass Boston’s Gerontology Institute at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies in collaboration with the College of Advancing and Professional Studies and the Beverly Foundation announces the launch of an online certificate program in Organizing and Managing Senior Transportation Options to begin in September 2013.

The certificate program, offered in five modules, will address issues ranging from supplemental transportation programs for seniors, to senior-friendly transportation, to low-cost methods that include volunteerism, to the data gathering and management necessary to improve efficiency.

“There are many challenges that we see both now and in the future in providing safe and efficient ways for our seniors to maintain the freedom to get to where they need to go,” said Nina Silverstein, a fellow at the Gerontology Institute. “This program is very exciting and we’ve been receiving a good deal of support for it. Our partner, the Beverly Foundation, has donated funds to provide scholarships and the California Department of Aging is reimbursing in full for their network.”

Each module is three weeks long and participants can take a single module, any combination, or the entire 15-week certificate program. Each module equals ten hours of instruction, equivalent to one CEU.

The program is particularly well-suited for professionals in the field of aging services and transportation services who are interested in addressing senior transportation challenges and managing services that meet the mobility needs of an aging population.

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