MGS PhD Student Edits New Book on Conflict and Peace in Eurasia

Ann Rugnetta | October 29, 2012


Debidatta Aurobinda Mahapatra, a student in the new Global Governance and Human Security doctoral program, is the editor of the book Conflict and Peace in Eurasia published this month by Routledge.

Holding a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, Delhi, Mahapatra completed postdoctoral assignments at the University of Jammu and the University of Mumbai. He then went on to become assistant professor at the Centre for South and Central Asian Studies at India’s Central University of Punjab before entering this inaugural PhD class at the McCormack Graduate School of Policy and Global Studies.

With these educational roots, Mahapatra edited the book which focuses on a range of Eurasian conflicts, offering contemporary perspectives on the ongoing conflicts in the region with an emphasis on peacemaking. The book brings into focus how various factors such as ethnicity, religion, border disputes, resources, and animosities inherited from the past play crucial roles in these conflicts. It questions whether developments in Eurasia affect other conflicts across the globe, and if differences between parties can be resolved without pulling the relations beyond adjustable limits.

According to Mahapatra, “The book goes on to look at how tricky the path to peace would be, and furthers the development of a framework of study of Eurasian conflicts in the post-Soviet world, while taking into account both internal and external variables in analyzing these conflicts.”

Mahapatra’s UMass Boston professors hail the publication as a valuable contribution to several fields including conflict and peace studies, Central Asian and Caucasian politics, and security studies. Admiring the significance of the publication, Graduate Program Director Timothy Shaw is “delighted and proud of Aurobinda’s new book.  Through his writing and doctoral research, he helps us realize how the world is changing. Central Asia increasingly matters to us all; the Silk Road lives along with varieties of fundamentalisms.”

Interested in continuing his research in the areas of conflict and peace from a global perspective, Mahapatra was attracted to UMass Boston’s PhD program in Global Governance and Human Security. Fascinated by the array of interdisciplinary expertise of its faculty, Mahapatra feels it is the only “program to centrally engage global issues ranging from international conflict, human rights, economic development, education, health, and environment by drawing upon methodological pluralism with a main focus on feasible solutions to pressing global issues, for which the traditional mechanisms of governance are inadequate to cope with.”


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