Undergraduate Nursing Program Director Presents at NLN Education Summit

College of Nursing and Health Sciences | October 24, 2011
Undergraduate Nursing Program Director Presents at  NLN Education Summit

 JoAnn Mulready-Shick, EdD, RN, CNE, recently attended the 2011 National League for Nursing (NLN) Education Summit in Orlando, Florida. The four-day summit featured paper presentations, workshops, symposia, and poster presentations, all concurrent with the summit’s objective to address the call from the Institute of Medicine for seamless academic progression for nurses, strengthening the evidence base for innovation in teaching, simulation, technology, and leadership in nursing education, and integrating the NLN core values – caring, integrity, diversity, and excellence – into advanced practice nurse education. The summit also aimed to create a network of nurse educators and partners for advancing nursing education scholarship.

Mulready-Shick, a long-time NLN member, presented in two sessions during this year’s summit. Her first presentation was “The Effectiveness of Interventions Addressing the Nurse Faculty Storage.” Her evaluation research study examined a clinical education innovation intervention addressing the nurse faculty shortage: Dedicated Education Units (DEUs). Others on this Robert Wood Johnson Foundation panel spoke about additional interventions:  a technology-rich, accelerated BSN program, and the use of a web-based, virtual community in nursing curricula. Her second presentation was titled “Evaluating Dedicated Education Units: Outcomes of Clinical Education Innovation,” focusing on preliminary findings indicating how DEUs can address the nurse faculty shortage, build a more diverse nursing workforce, and strengthen the education-practice gap.    

Mulready-Shick’s research focuses on advancing the science of nursing education. She serves as the undergraduate nursing (traditional option) program director, and promotes scholarly endeavors in nursing education quality improvement and program and faculty development. On behalf of the nursing program, she received a prestigious Evaluating Innovations in Nursing Education Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in partnership with Partners Healthcare, Project PDQ- Partnering for DEU Development and Quality, to further evaluate the DEU program at the College of Nursing and Health Sciences. 

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