New Art Installation Shows Sun Always Rising Somewhere

Christian Arthur, Communications Correspondent | April 24, 2015

"Another Day" artist Paul Ramirez Jonas stands in front of his art piece, now mounted in UMass Boston's Campus Center.
Image by: Christian Arthur

I don’t like public art you see and understand right away, because then you have to see it a hundred times more.

A new art installation in the Campus Center cafeteria displays sunrise countdowns for ninety cities around the world. Mounted on the far back wall, “Another Day” looks like three airport monitors.

Californian artist Paul Ramirez Jonas was present for its installation this month.

“I wanted to show the sun is always rising somewhere,” Ramirez Jonas said.

The cities are spaced apart by four degrees of longitude. The viewer gets a sense of Earth’s many influences because the city names reflect various languages, native people, and colonialism, Ramirez Jonas said. He found inspiration in the journals of explorers like Ferdinand Magellan, whose 1519 voyage circumnavigated the globe.

A copy of “Another Day” sits in the Guggenheim Museum in New York City. Ramirez Jonas said UMass Boston might have the better of the two, because new screen technology enables this installation to show more countdowns than others.

A prototype sits in Ramirez Jonas’ workshop. “It’s a piece I like to keep around,” he said.

Over the past 25 years, Ramirez Jonas has made sculptures large and small, in addition to drawings, performance art, and more. Through his work he seeks to challenge the definitions of art and engineer audience participation.

When asked about the ways “Another Day” might interact with the UMass Boston environment, he said, “I don’t like public art you see and understand right away, because then you have to see it a hundred times more. This piece is slower.”

The list of cities changes as the seasons do, and Ramirez Jonas thinks the university’s international student body will have fun identifying the different locations.

“Another Day” is the newest addition to Arts on the Point, which brings the work of renowned artists to UMass Boston’s campus. Private donors fund the initiative. Associate Professor of Art Erik Levine organized the installation of “Another Day” on campus. 

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