New Mt. Vernon Entrance and Other Changes for Fall

Office of Communications | August 31, 2017
New Mt. Vernon Entrance and Other Changes for Fall

Welcome to UMass Boston!  Whether you are new to campus or returning for another semester, you will no doubt notice the remarkable progress made on several major construction projects—newly configured roadways, rising residence hall buildings and the beginnings of a new parking garage. All of these projects are scheduled for completion within the next year.

Roadways and Pedestrian Routes

All vehicles and pedestrian traffic to and from Mt. Vernon Street will use the new stretch of University Drive North, which will open Saturday, September 2. With this change, traffic will again flow two ways in this area. Motorists and pedestrians entering campus will reach a T-shaped intersection where they can turn left to access Parking Lot D or turn right to continue on University Drive North toward the Clark Athletic Center, academic buildings, and Columbia Point neighbors such as the JFK Library.

The remainder of the new University Drive North, running alongside the EMK Institute, will open later this fall.

Pedestrians on Mt. Vernon Street can reach campus by continuing onto University Drive North, turning right, and walking alongside the residence hall site toward the Clark circle. The pedestrian detour near the rink and softball field is no longer necessary.

The reopening of a portion of University Drive North continues a series of important roadway changes. In June, a new section of University Drive opened along the waterfront, with sidewalks and pedestrian routes to the new Fox Point Dock and the HarborWalk.  In this area, 274 trees were planted as part of final landscaping. University Drive West was closed to allow for utility work and construction of the parking garage.

Pick-up/Drop-off Areas

A new pick-up/drop-off area for ride sharing services and private vehicles is conveniently located in front of the Integrated Sciences Complex. Motorists will not be permitted to stop in front of the Campus Center, where a new busway for university shuttles has been created. MBTA buses will resume their regular routes, stopping at the temporary busway between Wheatley Hall and the Campus Center. MBTA’s The Ride and private vehicles serving disabled customers may also use this area.

UCRR/Other Projects

The Utility Corridor and Roadway Relocation (UCRR) is a critical infrastructure project to replace our aging campus utilities distribution system, currently located beneath the central plaza. Crews are constructing a modern utility corridor under the newly configured campus roadway system.  During the next year, additional roadway changes will be necessary to accommodate the completion of work, especially along Bianculli Boulevard near Morrissey Boulevard, and on the north and west side of campus.

In addition, a comprehensive elevator replacement project is under way, with current work in Wheatley and McCormack halls. Please use the rear sets of elevators in each building, unless your destination is the fifth or sixth floor of Wheatley, which is accessible only via the front elevators.

A waterproofing project continues at the Clark Athletic Center through November.

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