New Ransomware Vulnerability “Petya”

John Mazzarella | June 27, 2017
New Ransomware Vulnerability “Petya”

“Ransomware” is a type of virus that locks your computer and encrypts your files, and requires you to pay the attacker money in order to regain access. You may remember the Ransomware threat referred to as “WannaCry”, which was reported widely in the news in May.

Staying safe is possible if you follow these steps:

Make sure your Windows is updated! View the instructions to run Windows Update as described on Microsoft's Windows Update page.
• Make sure your Antivirus is connected to UMass Boston’s server! Our IT Security staff keep the McAfee antivirus server updated against the latest threats. Read the instructions to check if yours is correct.
• Be cautious of emails and attachments that seem suspicious! If you are unsure, verify with the sender that the file is legitimate before downloading.

NOTE: University IT Security Policies prohibit the payment of ransom. Should you experience a ransom query, do not respond and immediately contact IT Security by emailing

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